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Hi, we’re Will and Tamar, we are the founders!

We’re married and one of the most common questions we get is “When are you having kids?” Well here’s our child! We wanted to create a conscious clothing brand that honored those who came before us to pave the wayand the one who creates our path hence the name “Sons and Daughters” 
Tamar is the fashionista and designer in this pair who is a huge history nerd willing to educate anyone who will listen on history specifically Pan-African History and William who works as a community organizer is always willing and ready to inspire the person next to him.

The 2020 pandemic put a lot into perspective for us and how we want to leave our mark on this world so the two of us put our heads together to see how we can merge our passions together and we thought of no better way to remind people of who they are, whose they are, where they come from than through something fun like fashion!

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